Roles and Functions

  1. To monitor and audit quality and quantity of minerals produced and exported by large, medium and small scale miners; to determine revenue generated to facilitate collection of payable royalty;
  2. To audit capital investment and operating expenditure of the large and medium scale mines for the purpose of gathering taxable information and providing the same to the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and other relevant authorities;
  3. To monitor and audit environmental management, environmental budget and expenditure for progressive rehabilitation and mine closure;
  4. To collect, analyze, interpret and disseminate minerals production and exports data for projecting Government revenue, planning purposes and decision making in the administration of the mining industry;
  5. To counteract minerals smuggling and minerals royalty evasion in collaboration with relevant Government authorities;
  6. To assess values of minerals produced by large, medium and small scale miners to facilitate collection of payable royalty;
  7. To advise the Government on all matters relating to the administration of the mineral sector with main focus on monitoring and auditing of mining operations to maximize Government revenue;
  8. To promote and conduct research and development in the mineral sector that will lead to increased Government revenue; and
  9. To examine and monitor implementation of feasibility reports; mining programs and plans; annual mining performance reports; and environmental management plans and reports of mining companies.


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