Client Service Charter

Our Services

1. To monitor and audit minerals produced and exported

2. To disseminate information regarding;
i. Agency activities;
ii. Auditing and monitoring of minerals produced and exported;
iii. Royalty and payable Taxes;
iv. Implementation of Environmental Management Plans (EMP);
v. Minerals indicative prices with reference to prevailing local and international markets; and
vi. Quantity, quality and value of minerals produced, consumed, traded locally and exported.

3. To disseminate minerals production and exports data

4. To provide technical advice to mining entities and public institutions with regard to:
i. environmental management in mining areas; and
ii. minerals production and export activities.

5. To provide information and awareness to the general public with regard to:
i. TMAA activities; and
ii. minerals production, trading, exports and environmental management activities in mining areas.

6. To promote and conduct research and development in the mineral sector that will lead to increased Government revenue;
7. Capacity building to TMAA staff;
8. To create conducive work environment at TMAA; and
9. To effect payment to all services offered to the Agency.


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