TMAA Annual Report 2010

This report covers the auditing activities performed by Tanzania Minerals Audit Agency in 2010. The report addresses the status of implementation of the audit program and highlights key findings.
The task of auditing quality and quantity of mineral products from the major… Read More

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A Study on Forms and Rates of Rehabilitation Bonds Applicable in the Mining Industry

The aim of this study is to evaluate various forms of environmental rehabilitation bonds and its calculation methods commonly applicable in the mining industry. It is aimed at assisting decision makers to choose the best form and rate of rehabilitation bond to be posted to the… Read More

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A Study on Viability to Construct a Copper Concentrate Smelter in Tanzania

Prior to enactment of mine closure laws and regulations in different countries,  any mining companies used irresponsible mining methods with no regard to protecting the environment and evaded their responsibilities towards environmental rehabilitation by leaving their mine… Read More

Attachment: attachment A_Study_on_Viability_to_Construct_a_Copper_Concentrate_Smelter_in_Tanzania1

A study on Minerals Royalty Forms and Rates

The formulation of the Mineral Policy of Tanzania in 1997 and the Mining Act of 1998 boosted investment in the mining sector, which resulted into the opening of the following seven major gold mines: Golden Pride Mine in 1998; Geita Gold Mine in 2000; Bulyanhulu Gold Mine in 2001;… Read More

Attachment: attachment A_study_on_Minerals_Royalty_Forms_and_Rates
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